Sunday, April 6, 2014

NE Houston Broom & Brew Event Fundraising

Blessings Followers! I know I have probably lost most of you but I need a little help. We are going into our 4th year as a group and we are growing with many great events planned throughout the year. We are doing a little fundraising to keep our events free and to help ease the costs we as hosts pay out. The extra we have is going to start & fund our future children's group and their activities. If you could just like or share, we would greatly appreciate it. Here is our Go Fund Me account: .Thanks

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Blog Hop 2013

So I am part of Leslierahye's Earth Day Blog Hop and thought I would share a few upcycled crafts that me and the girls have done in the past few weeks.
First, I made the girls yoga pants out of tshirts. Just in time for our Kid's Yoga & Hoop Session.
Then we made these t-shirt hip scarves, for our Red Tent's Maiden Day where they learned belly dancing.

I know my pictures are dark but here is the inspiration picture.
 The yoga pants, I got the idea from and the hip scarves I had to google instructions as the link on pinterest was dead. I hope you have found some new ideas on upcycling shirts. Please drop by anytime, I plan to have more frequent posts soon.
Oh and if you go check out my Facebook page & leave a comment there is a chance you can win a customized item from me! (U.S residents only)!/CelticdragonflysUpcycledHandmadeDesigns

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catching Up on the Past Year

Blessings Readers,
Wow, I can not believe it has been over a year since I last posted. So here is what has been going on. First, personal stuff: Things have been kind of up & down, I lost my connection for awhile due to some conflicts that came up with the splitting of my group. My grandma (g-ma) is in & out the hospital and that has been hard on me. I did not get into the Radiology Program last Fall so I have been focusing my classes to broaden my expand of programs. I'm applying to the Medical Assistant Program this summer and will apply to the Sonography & reapply to the Radiology Programs in the Fall. Other news is that my youngest sister, Megan recently had her 2nd little boy, Kaleb Zane T.
(Picture was from Easter)
Also my other sister, Brandi is due May 5th with her 4th child, 3rd boy, Mavrik Cruz. Speaking of Pregnancy & Birth...I have been working harder to lose the weight I need to lose to have the reversal surgery, yoga has been really helpful as well as the walking group I have joined. I still have a ways to go as I have to save up the money for it. I am waiting on hearing from the Veteran's Affairs on my reevaluation & whether I will get my backpay, so we shall see.
My daughters, A & T; are doing well in school this year. A has really taken an interest in Yoga, as well as hooping & belly dancing; which all go hand in hand. Here is a picture of her doing the tree pose at our Red Tent's Maiden Day.

I am still quite busy with school, my groups & my family. I have to reevaluate my activities every few months to see what works or not. I turn 30 next month and there are some things I still want to try, like Roller Derby. I am still running NE Houston Broom & Brew and here are a few things we have done since last March.
July's Swap n Trade
January's Swap n Trade
Ostara Egg Hunt
Runes Workshop (April 2013)
And our most exciting news:
Other than all that from B&B, I have also been doing Red Tent, trying to get my Pins & Needles (stitching circle) going, and recently became a Mom's Ambassador for I am currently doing some rearranging so that I can include Family & Friends game night, Kids Yoga & Hoop, Kids Crafting, Adult Yoga and other stuff.
Well I think we are all caught up & I hope to share some more soon. Oh I will have an upcoming blog post on a upcycled project for an Earth Day Blog Hop. Until next time...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peek into the past few months

I know, I know I say I'm going to come back but who knew being in school, running a local Broom & Brew, and working for an online school/coven could be so much work. I'm putting off doing my Pharmacology homework because I wanted to share a few things since the last time I posted.
 First in January we had a combined meet n greet with another local group and had a Pagan Swap & Trade.

In February we had our first Workshop, unfortunately it was on the same day as the superbowl.

Then we had our Ostara Egghunt last Sunday at our Broom & Brew Meet n Greet.

We also have a smaller group that meets every other Tuesday; we made prosperity charms and the next day I won a book from Moon Books.

and here lately I've had an interest in sea witchery and I made two sea jars.

Last little thing I want to share is the online eclectic school/ coven that I help with. It's called Circulo de la Luna Oscura (Circle of the Dark Moon). We have an open page on Facebook here. We hold classes on our Student Center page and also on (have to create an account & add luna_dragon).
Oh and here is Ares; he is 6 months old now and will be getting his naming ritual and Blessing from Bastet soon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blessed Yule

I want to wish everyone a Blessed Yule and to post a few things.

Here is my new little niece, Mila!

And my cousin's little boy, Eli.

My cat, Erebos disappeared and now I have a new little cat who is 3 months today. His name is Ares.

I have finished my second semester of school, with 3 A's and 1 B. I have a lot of other things going on around here but one of my goals is to catch back up with all of y'all. I hope I have not lost my followers because I have a lot of sharing to do. Until next time...