Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peek into the past few months

I know, I know I say I'm going to come back but who knew being in school, running a local Broom & Brew, and working for an online school/coven could be so much work. I'm putting off doing my Pharmacology homework because I wanted to share a few things since the last time I posted.
 First in January we had a combined meet n greet with another local group and had a Pagan Swap & Trade.

In February we had our first Workshop, unfortunately it was on the same day as the superbowl.

Then we had our Ostara Egghunt last Sunday at our Broom & Brew Meet n Greet.

We also have a smaller group that meets every other Tuesday; we made prosperity charms and the next day I won a book from Moon Books.

and here lately I've had an interest in sea witchery and I made two sea jars.

Last little thing I want to share is the online eclectic school/ coven that I help with. It's called Circulo de la Luna Oscura (Circle of the Dark Moon). We have an open page on Facebook here. We hold classes on our Student Center page and also on (have to create an account & add luna_dragon).
Oh and here is Ares; he is 6 months old now and will be getting his naming ritual and Blessing from Bastet soon.

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wiccana said...

What an awesome blog!! I just find you by surfing on the net and looking for new bloggers who share same interests as me...apart from being a metal lady who enjoys gigs and bands..I also interested in mother nature, Wicca..and lots of things..such as handicrafts on my own..etc..I think we could be follow each other¿¿??:)..
Maria aka Wiccana