Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009

Todays giveaways from MrsB:

Giveaway #1

This giveaway comes from AJ Sweet Soap, and serves up some goulish fun!

Finger Soaps! I actually purchased a set of these myself earlier last month, and can confirm that they are awesome!And not only will the winner receive these, but as an added bonus, he/she will also get the female version of the soap!

Giveaway #2

Well, here it is, your very last chance to win this set of Aunia Kahn postcards!The cards each measure 4"x6" and are sealed in a plastic sleeve, printed on 80 lb. glossy card stock.
Forget mailing these - put 'em in a frame!
Giveaway #3
This giveaway comes to us from Cauldron Craft Miniatures! Dollhouse Miniature Coffin Curio Cabinet

About the piece:
Thank you for looking at my little creations! This is a unique Miniature Coffin-shaped Curio Cabinet for your spooky dollhouse! Made in 1:12 scale, the shelving unit measures 6 ¾” tall and 3” wide at the mid section. It is constructed of wood and has 4 shelves within it. The cabinet sits upon 4 ball feet and features a Victorian style bat scroll design at the top. It has a bit of vintage mesh, black cobwebs, and moss on top as well. The piece was base painted black, crackled in stone gray, inked in moss green, and dry brushed in light gray and pewter. Perfect for any little wizard, vampire, or witch!

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