Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19th Giveaways!

Today's Giveaways from Mrs. B:

Giveaway #1

Today's giveaway is a pendant that comes from the wonderful shop Agonysdecay's Creepy Crafts!

The giveaway is for the pendant only, lol! The hand will stay behind!

Here's what the proprietress of Creepy Crafts has to say:
This handcrafted pendant features an image of skeletons embracing in death. Some call it the Eternal Embrace, I've also heard it called the Prehistoric Hug. Its probably my favorite image in the world. The image itself is very detailed and eye catching;) The image is 40 x 30 mm in size and placed on top of a silver toned pendant setting. There is a 40 x 30 mm plastic magnifying domed clear cabochon on top to protect the image.
The photographs of this item do not do it as much justice as it deserves, it is gorgeous! A must see!

Giveaway #2
This giveaway comes to us from the witchy goodness of Nydia from Carioca Witch!

Although traditionally runes are made out of stone or wood, I decided creating sets out of felt, because I believe that the energy is in the hands of those who deal with them, and any material can be used. It's all in your energy within. This set of 24 runes plus a blank rune is made out of brown felt and the symbols are hand-embroided with blue cotton thread with a delicate degradeƩ effect, and stuffed with polyfil. Each piece is approximately 1,5 inches long. It comes in a machine-sewn raw cotton drawstring-bag.

Giveaway #3

This giveaway come from the fun and fanciful shop known as Gypsy Eye Studio!

Spider earrings, featuring ceramic spider beads, hematite and pearls!

Have a Blessed Day and I may have some other giveaways from other blogs to post here in awhile, so come back! Brittany

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