Friday, October 30, 2009

The 30th Day of Halloween!

Here are todays giveaways from Mrs.B:
Giveaway #1

Today, Quirk Classics is announcing their upcoming new book!

In honor of that announcement, I'll be giving away not only a copy of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, but a signed copy, thanks to Quirk Classics!

Giveaway #2
This prize is another chance for a subscription to Circle Magazine!

The winner will receive a one year subscription to Circle magazine! How wonderful is that??

Giveaway #3

This giveaway comes to us from the witchy goodness of Nydia fromCarioca Witch!

This spooky keyring can be used to decorate your bag, your car's mirror... And even to carry your keys! :0)

A fun way to get into the Halloween spirit all through the year!
The flower is handmade out of black, spotted & floral cotton fabric. The skull, white felt and hand-embroidered with black cotton thread. Lightly stuffed with polifyl. The larger flower is approximately 3.5 inches long.
As an added bonus prize, Nydia's talented young son Lucas created this one of a kind magnet exclusively for the 30th Day of Halloween! Thank you, Lucas!

Have a Blessed Day Everyone!

1 What people are saying:

Nydia said...

Congrats on winning my humble giveaway! :o) Please email me your address so I can send you both keyring & magnet on Monday!

Kisses from Nydia
PS: Loved your blog, just adding it to my blogroll!