Thursday, October 29, 2009

The 29th Day of Halloween!

:o Today I'm finishing up my costume and working on my youngest daughter's fairy wings and yes its two more days till Halloween!!! Todays giveaways from MrsB are:

Giveaway #1

This giveaway comes to us from Native Dawn:

These orange and black beaded earrings are about 3 1/3 inches long, but very light weight. The earring hooks are lever backs and are sterling silver.

Giveaway #2
This the winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of 8x10 print from Angelique Art!

 Giveaway #3
This giveaway comes to us from Picard Creative!

The winner will receive this awesome magnet:
The cool thing about the magnets that Picard Creative makes is that they are made with up-cycled can lids!
Here's a bit about the magnets:
My magnets are made using recycled tin can lids. I use high quality images printed with waterproof inks- each image is then sealed several times to keep them looking clear, crisp and terrific for years.
Of course, they are NOT breakable either- drop them, lob them at someone- whatever! They (of course) do not have any sharp edges. Probably should not immerse them in water, that might damage the image. Not sure why you want to do that- but, this is my standard disclaimer.

Have a Blessed Day and Ill post some pics later of my costume :) Brittany!

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