Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 28th Day of Halloween

Todays  giveaways from Mrs.B are:

Giveaway #1

The winner of this giveaway will receive a subscription to:

Witches & Pagans magazine!
Witches & Pagans is the new 96-page pan-Pagan magazine lovechild of our titles newWitch and PanGaia. The zine (a complete relaunch and redesign of newWitch) will debut August 1 with the "Faerie" issue; combining the fire and passion of newWitch with the gravitas and depth of PanGaia. Look for interviews of Pagan artists, thinkers, writers, musicians and celebrities, plus practical magick (beginning, intermediary and advanced), AstroSpell, Pagan muses and mentors including R.J. Stewart, Isaac Bonewits, Galina Krasskova, Kenaz Filan, Judy Harrow, Good Witch/Bad Witch and much, much more.

Giveaway #2

This giveaway comes to us from Mermaiden Creations!

Echoes of a Victorian cabinet of curiosities and beautiful field specimens from the natural world. A little green feather (real, of course) with a flurry of down is encased in glass with a rustic, vintage look to the soldered frame. A delicate, unusual conversation piece. A reminder of the symbolism of feathers or a magick talisman to carry with you.

Giveaway #3

This giveaway comes to us from Illustrated Ink!

About the item:

For the wicked baker and dark "Betty Crocker", I present... zombie recipe cards! This housewife just can't stop baking, even beyond the grave.
This is a high quality reproduction of my original, acrylic painting. Professionaly printed on a heavy, gloss cardstock. The top of the card reads, "TRUST ME...IT'S DELICIOUS!". I wouldn't trust her mischevious wink, try her sprinkled cupcake at your own risk! The back of the card is printed with the same image in grayscale, but has a matte finish for smooth writing. The cards have cute, rounded corners and measure 4" x 5.5". You'll receive a set of 10, and they will come to you tied with black ribbon, and packaged in a cello bag. These are ideal for recipes or a fun note tag when giving baked goods! Hand a tray of cookies to your new neighbor with this tag attached, and make 'em sweat! :) Or, it's particuarly entertaining for someone like me...who has no cooking/baking skills whatsoever. Ha!

Giveaway #4

This giveaway comes to us from Two Stars!

Meet Jack O' Lantern Jane, a Halloween handmade doll from Two Stars! Jane is a little different than the other dolls in the Two Stars' shop. The other dolls are made with plastic button eyes, but Jane is a baby-safe option. The button-shaped eye stamp and mouth stamp were hand-carved and textile paint was used to set them onto the fabric. It is permanent, washable and definetely baby slobber proof!
Jane has been machine and hand sewn. She is made out of cotton fabric: a smiling jack o lantern print on her dress and a bright striped print on her legs. Her arms and head are muslin and have been double stitched for durability. She has a "zipper" on the back of her dress which is where she is stitched together (it's a row of embroidery yarn) and also a cloth tag that features the shop name and web address. Jane stands 14 inches tall and her arm span is 8.5 inches. The bottom of her dress measures 5.5 inches. She is filled with soft fluff and is super soft and flexible.
Jane would be a perfect Halloween gift and she'd thoroughly enjoy going trick or treating! She's perfect for hugging, loving, and carrying around!
Visit the Two Stars Etsy Shop to see dolls available for purchase. Custom orders are glady accepted.

**My Choices to Win are the subscription and the doll! :)**

Have a Blessed and Enjoyable Day, Brittany!

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