Monday, October 26, 2009

26th Day of Halloween

Today on Mrs.B's blog are the following giveaways!

Giveaway #1

This giveaway comes to us from Chasing My Star. A Halloween Snuggle Monster!

Giveaway #2
This giveaway comes to us from The Modern Pagan!Jessi, the Founder and Editor in Chief, created these two chainmail pieces. The earrings are silver and orange. The second piece is a bracelet in silver and with a second color to be picked by the winner!

Giveaway #3
This giveaway comes to us from The Haunted Studio Under The Stairs:Title: Pavor Nocturnus

Media: Water Color, Pencil, Pen & Ink
Dimensions: 8" X 10"
Pavor Nocturnus, my wan mistress, inimical an’ indifferent, Mother of the sultry an’ stygian moon in my most maddest of dreams.
The Incubus Empress of all that seethes, slithers and sneaks, all that crawls, clings and claws.
I duly give her her portion.
Terror be my tithe to see the mornin’ light.
* Print 8" x 10" in Canvas Cloth
* Shipped in a protective sleeve

Have a Blessed Monday Everyone, Brittany!

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