Friday, October 23, 2009

The 23rd Day of MrsB's Halloween Party!

Here are the Giveaways today from MrsB:

 Giveaway #1

This giveaway comes to us from Cauldron Craft Miniatures!

Kitchen Witch Magic Wooden Spoon

Thank you for looking at my little creations! This is an altered art wooden spoon for the Kitchen Witch! Painted in shades of lavender and black crackly paint and wrapped in vintage mesh and laces with a moon charm, it is a country primitive sure to please any Witch! The face of the spoon has been decoupaged with webbed pentacle around which reads “As Above, So Below”.

Giveaway #2

Today's giveaway is offered up by Jammer Designs! This gorgeous hair clip (life-size Barbie head not included, lol!) is a hand sculped and painted "Skelespider" hair clip. How cool is that?

What Jamie has to say about herself and her work:

My name is Jamie, I am short and crafty. By day I am a female (yep, that's right a girl!) Tattoo artist! By night to satisfy my busy mind I began making wearable art... artistic adornments as I like to affectionatly like to call them! They keep evolving. I starting recently playing with clay and hatched these sugar skull arachinds!
A hand sculpted and painted 'Skelespider" I make them out of polymer clay then paint with acrylics... Then it is sealed with a 3d crystal lacquer to protect! it sits atop a bed of silk flowers. The clip measures 4.5" in the round, The actual clip part is an alligator pin curl clip, which is strong enough to stay in most hair types... Sometimes a bobby pin may be needed to secure if the hair is really fine.

Giveaway #3

This giveaway comes to us from Thalia Took! You may know her from her Goddess art, but did you know that she also knits creatures?

The winner of this giveaway will get a knitty kittie!

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