Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 22nd day of Mrs.B's Halloween Party!

Here's todays Giveaways from Mrs. B!

Giveaway #1

The winner of this giveaway wins a subscription to HEX Magazine!About the magazine:

HEX is a bi-annual publication and an online community giving voice to radical traditionalists and the modern Heathen household. We are here to serve those who honor the indigenous traditions and beliefs of European people. In a world driven by consumerism, globalization, and the homogenization of cultures, this magazine strives to bring our focus back to the evident truths of the seasonal cycles, the folkways & rites of our ancestors, earth stewardship, self-sufficiency, and sustainable living. By making old world knowledge and wisdom available for use in our everyday lives, we aspire to bring continuity to the present and hope to our future generations. HAIL!
It's not enough to survive. We will thrive.

Giveaway #2
This giveaway comes straight to us from my very good friend Mrs. Coffee!The winner will receive:

A Halloween travel cup
Starbucks new VIA instant coffee packets (If you haven't tried these, go buy some now! They ROCK!)
A pound of Starbucks coffee
A Starbucks gift card
A super cute bear
All tucked into an awesome pumpkin basket!

Giveaway #3

Hmmmm, what could this be? Another book from Quirk Books? Why yes, yes it is!

This is the Dracula's Heir!!In 1897, Archibald Constable & Company published Bram Stoker’sDracula, the most famous horror novel of all time. For reasons still widely debated by critics, the first chapter of Dracula was cut just weeks before publication. Here, it becomes the central clue in a spine-tingling interactive mystery.
Dracula’s Heir begins ten years after the horrific events described in the original novel. Jonathan and Mina Harker are happily married and enjoying life in Bixby, England. Meanwhile, their friend Dr. John Seward is tracking a string of crimes that seems eerily familiar: A 14-year-old girl sleepwalks out of her parent’s house and disappears into the night. Two “accident victims” are found drained of their blood, yet there is no crime-scene evidence to explain what happened.
This is one of Quirk Books Interactive Mysteries. Besides a great story by Sam Stall, the book also contains removable clues for you to examine. There's a character's journal, a newspaper story, letters - everything you need to solve the mystery! Once you've read through the book and think you've solved the mystery, you can check to see if you are correct by breaking the wax seal on the letter at the back of the book. A completely fun read! And the great book looks great sitting out for Halloween, lol!

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